Person:Stag phu blo bzang bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan

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Wylie: Blo bzang bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan
Stag phu 02 blo bzang bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan
blo gros rgya mtsho, stag phu
ngag dbang ye shes, stag phu
ngag dbang blo gros rgya mtsho
stag phu Ma ti
Other Transliterations in use:
Lobzang Tenpay Gyaltsen
Lo-drö of Drepung


birth 1714 at kong stod nyang po rgya nang into the gnubs lineage
death 1762
stag phu 03 blo bzang chos kyi dbang phyug (b. 1765 d. 1792) [P295]
stag phu 01 dpal ldan don grub (b. 1382 d. 1466) [P3600]
stag phu 10 ngag dbang blo bzang thub bstan bstan 'dzin (b. 1916 d. ) [P7897]


dge lugs - stag phu dgon pa

Other Biographical Information[edit]

1725. Succeeds his father as the bla-ma of Bsang Ngo-bo Dgon.
1726. Recognized as the rebirth of Stag-phu Ngag-dbang-chos-grags.
1728. Does a retreat at Nyang-po Brag-dkar Lha-chu Dgon.
1729. Meets Rgyud-smad Mkhan-po Ngag-dbang-mchog-ldan on his way to meet the 7th DL at Mgar-thar and receives monastic vows and the name Ngag-dbang-blo-gros-rgya-mtsho.
1729. Brought to Nags-shod Stag-phu Ban-dkar Dgon for installation.
1732. Entered 'Bras-spungs Blo-gsal-gling for studies.
1740. Took dge-bshes degree at the Lha-sa Smon-lam Chen-mo.
1742. To Dbus where he met the 7th Dalai and Pho-lha-nas.
1743. Final monastic vows from the 7th Dalai Lama.
Visits Nag-shod where he founds Rab-brtan Dgon.
1749. Begins three year retreat.
1753. Returns to Dbus to teach at 'Bras-spungs.
1754. Returns to his monastery.
1759. Returns to Lha-sa in connection with the offering of obeisance to the great mchod rten of the 7th Dalai Lama.
Connected with the calligraphing of many manuscripts including a Bka' 'gyur and Bstan 'gyur.
teacher/student lineage dpal mgon bran du gtad pa bram ze nag po 'i man ngag gi rjes gnang, Pha bong gsan yig, v. 1, pp..158
There exists a brief biography of this teacher by Ngag-dbang-ye-shes-thub-bstan:
Khyab bdag stag phu sprul sku blo bzang bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan gyi rnam thar dad pa'i sgo 'byed:
3 ff. in vol. ka of the 4 vol., largely printed, gsung 'bum of Ngag-dbang-ye-shes-thub-bstan described in MHTL.
mhtl 6622.
TBRC Person RID: P336

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