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Mi pham rgya mtsho
Tibetan Language name
Tibetan: འཇམ་མགོན་འཇུ་མི་ཕམ་རྣམ་རྒྱལ་རྒྱ་མཚོ་
Wylie transliteration: 'jam mgon 'ju mi pham rnam rgyal rgya mtsho
pronunciation in IPA: [tɕu mipʰam namcɛ cɛ̃tsʰɔ]
Tibetan Pinyin official transcription (PRC): Ju Mipam Namgyai Gyainco
THDL: Ju Mipam Namgyel Gyamtso
other transcriptions: Jamgon Ju Mipham Gyamtso
Chinese name
traditional: 米龐仁波切
simplified: 米庞仁波切
Pinyin: Mǐpáng Rénbōqiē

mi pham rgya mtsho
'jam mgon 'ju mi pham rnam rgyal rgya mtsho
'ju mi pham rnam rgyal rgya mtsho
mi pham
'ju mi pham
'jam mgon mi pham rgya mtsho

Other Transliterations in use:
Jamgön Mipham
Jamgön Ju Mipham
Mipham Jamyang Namgyal
Mipham Jamyang Namgyal Gyamtso
Lama Mipham
Mipham Rinpoche
(also known as "Mipham the Great")


birth 1846 at ya chu ding chung
death 1912

Other Biographical Information[edit]

Mipham on TBRC
-Composed his famous nges shes sgron me at the age of 7.
- At 12 he began study at 'ju mo hor gsang sngags bshad sgrub chos gling.
- At 15 is said to have had a breakthrough experience that led to his "omniscience" after supplicating Manjushri while reading an obscure book on astrology/numerology/rain-making (dbyangs 'char). During this same period he undertakes a retreat of 18 months at 'ju nyung ri khrod where he has a visionary experience of Manjushri. It is said that after this period he had absolute facility with all intellectual topics.
- At 18 he flees the destruction of the Nyarong War and travels to his ancestral homeland of mgo log.
- At 19 he embarks on an extensive pilgrimage to Central Tibet, including dga' ldan monastery where he stays for one month. During this pilgrimage he is said to make considerable progress in meditation.
- At 22 he arrives at rdzogs chen monastery where he meets many of the best minds of his generation, including his main root gurus and lifelong associates.
(note added by J. McClellan)
snga 'gyur rdzogs chen chos 'byung chen mo (425)

Main Students[edit]

pad+ma rnam rgyal
'jigs med bstan pa'i nyi ma
blo gter dbang po
shAkya shrI
thub bstan chos kyi rdo rje
chos kyi rgya mtsho
pad+ma theg mchog bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan
pad+ma dbang mchog rgyal po
stag bla nor bu
pad+ma dngos grub rol pa'i rdo rje
o rgyan bstan 'dzin
kun dga' dpal
bsod nams chos 'grub
lhag bsam bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan
las rab gling pa
lung rtogs bstan pa'i nyi ma
'gro 'dul dpa' bo rdo rje
mdo sngags bstan 'dzin
rig 'dzin gar gyi dbang phyug
tshe dbang rig 'dzin
pad+ma badz+ra
pad+ma theg mchog blo ldan
yon tan rgya mtsho
kun dga' dpal ldan
'jam dpal bde ba'i nyi ma
tshe dbang rig 'dzin
tshe ring nor bu
dkon mchog grags pa
dkon mchog bzang po
gzhan phan chos kyi snang ba
'jigs med blo gros
ye shes rgya mtsho
thub bstan snyan grags
myo shul lung rtogs bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan
'bad med gzhi grol
o rgyan 'jigs bral chos dbyings rdo rje

Main Teachers[edit]

mkhyen brtse'i dbang po
blo gros mtha' yas
o rgyan 'jigs med chos kyi dbang po
dkon mchog chos 'phel
pad+ma badz+ra
dbang chen dgyes rab rdo rje
pad+ma dar rgyas
myo shul lung rtogs bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan
pad+ma bde chen bzang po


Mipham Series at Lotsawa House

rtogs ldan rgan po rnams kyi lugs sems ngo mdzub tshugs kyi gdams pa mun sel sgron me

dbu ma'i lta khrid zab mo

don rnam par nges pa shes rab ral gri

sems kyi dpyod pa rnam par sbyong ba so sor brtag pa'i dpyad sgom 'khor lo ma

Mi pham rgya mtsho'i gsung 'bum

Nges shes sgron me (Nges shes rin po che'i sgron me))

brGal lan nyin byed snang ba

Dogs sel (rDo grub pa dam chos zhes pas gzhan gyi zer sgros bsdus nas mkhas su re ba'i 'khyal ngag de dag mi mkhas mtshang phung du kho rang nas bskul ba bzhin nyams mtshar du bkod pa)

Grub bsdud (Yid bzhin mdzod kyi grub mtha' bsdus pa)

rGyan 'grel (dBu ma rgyan gi rnam bshad 'jam dbyang bla ma dgyes pa'i zhal lung)

'Jug 'grel (dBu ma 'jug pa'i 'grel pa zla ba'i zhal lung dri med shel phreng)

Ketaka (sPyod 'jug sher 'grel ketaka)

Nyi snang (brGal lan nyin byed snang ba)

Rab lan (gZhan gyis brtsad pa'i lan mdor bsdus pa rigs lam rab gsal de nyid snang byed)

gSung sgros (gZhung spyi'i dka' gnad gsung gros phyogs bsdus rin po che'i za ma tog)

Writings About Mi pham rgya mtsho[edit]


Mipham's Dialectics and Debates on Emptiness: to be, not to be, or neither.
London: RoutledgeCurzon 2004, c2005.



dgag lan mun sel sgron me
zhang kang zhang kang then mA dpe skrun kun sis 2003 [tbrc holdings 1]

mi pham rgya mtsho'i gsung rab rnams kyi bzhugs byang
[dpal yul rdzong?] kaH thog bshad grwa 2007 [tbrc holdings tbrc holds photocopy, digitally scanned images, tiffs and pdf files]

mi pham rnam rgyal gyi rtsod pa'i yang lan log lta'i khong khrag 'don pa'i skyug sman
khreng tu'u dmangs khrod dpe dkon sdud sgrig khang nas spel 2001 [tbrc holdings 1]

rje mi pham pa'i rnam thar phyogs bsgrigs
[s.l.] dar thang dgon pa? 2001? [tbrc holdings 1]

rtsod lan blo dman snying gi gdung sel ga bur thig pa'i spun zla
mundgod, u.k., karnataka drepung loseling library society 1985

zab mo dbu ma'i cung zad brjod pa blo gsal dga' ba'i gtam zhes bya ba mi pham rnam rgyal bgyis pa dang po
khreng tu'u dmangs khrod dpe dkon sdud sgrig khang nas spel 2001 [tbrc holdings 1]

zab mo dbu ma'i snying po bsdus nas slar yang 'jam dbyangs rnam rgyal gyis 'chad tshul la klan ka bgyis pa zab mo'i gtam
khreng tu'u dmangs khrod dpe dkon sdud sgrig khang nas spel 2001 [tbrc holdings 1]



'phags yul dpal ldan zla ba dang/ /
bod na rong zom chos bzang gnyis/ /
dgongs pa gcig dang dbyangs gcig gis/ /
ka dag stong pa chen po sgrub/ /
Glorious Candrakīrti in India,
And Rongzom Chökyi Zangpo in Tibet,
Both proclaimed the great emptiness of primordial purity,
One in their intention and with a single voice.
Torch of Certainty

dpyad pa bzang pos ma drangs na/ /
nges shes bzang po ga la skye/ /
nges shes bzang po ma skyes na/ /
sgro 'dogs ngan pa ga la nub/ /
If you don’t begin with thorough analysis,
How will perfect certainty ever arise?
If this noble confidence does not arise,
How will false projections ever cease?
Torch of Certainty

deng sang spyir bden pa bshad na nyan mkhan ni med/
rdzun par bshad na thams cad bden par 'dzin pas/
de sngon su la'ang ma smras/
phran so skye tha mal ba zhig min/
byang chub sems dpa' smon lam gyi dbang gis skye ba blangs pa zhig yin/
These days if you tell the truth noone listens,
and if anyone says something false everybody holds it to be true.
That is why I have never said this to anyone before: I am not an ordinary being,
I am a bodhisattva who took birth intentionally as a result of prayers of aspiration.
Spoken to his attendant Lama Ösel and recorded in his biography