Person:Ko brag pa bsod nams rgyal mtshan

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Tibetan: ཀོ་བྲག་པ་བསོད་ནམས་རྒྱལ་མཚན་


Other Transliterations in use:


Born: 1182 at ding ri
Died: 1261

Other Biographical Information[edit]


Also known as Sönam Gyaltsen, founder of the Kodrag Monastery in the Upper Nyang area of the Tsang province in Central Tibet. He was a great nonsecterian master and is counted among the teachers of Yang-Gonpa.

Main Students[edit]

Yang dgon pa, Rin-po-che Rgyal-mtshan-pa, Rin-po-che Lha-b, Rin-po-che Rgyal-po, Rin-po-che Chos-sdings-pa, Bran-ston Sher-seng, Rtogs-ldan Dkon-seng
gzhon nu dpal
ma bdun pa

Main Teachers[edit]

se mig pa
shAkya shrI b+ha dra
rdo rje dpal ba
rat+na raksi ta
bi bhu ti


Writings About Ko brag pa bsod nams rgyal mtshan[edit]