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Tibetan: ཆོས་དབྱིངས་རྡོ་རྗེ་

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Born: 1604 at ki zi thang (smar stod)
Died: 1674


Other Biographical Information[edit]


Biography from

Biography from

Hierarch of the karma kaM tshang tradition.
He enjoyed the patronage of the ruler of gtsang karma bstan skyong dbang po who invited him to gzhis ka rtse to celebrate the smon lam.
In 1632 he founds rgyud sde dgon in padma rdzong in mgo log.
In 1634 he visited spo bo en route to ljang sa tham where he had been invited by the ruler.
In 1644 he received his final ordination vows.
Founds Monastery 1632 at rgyud sde dgon.
After the fall of his patron at the hands of gu shrI khan he fled to 'jang via khams.
He constructed 13 new karma kaM tshang monasteries in 'jang.
Toward the end of his life he was invited back to Tibet by the 5th Dalai Lama.
According to bod kyi gal che'i lo rgyus, he died at the age of 71.
He was a very controversial figure in the history of Tibetan Buddhism and a very famous painter.

Main Students[edit]

  • karma chags med
  • 'ja' tshon snying po
  • bkra shis dpal grub
  • gtsug lag 'phrin las rgya mtsho
  • chos rgyal mi pham 'phrin las rab brtan
  • Goshir Gyaltsab, 6th (nor bu bzang po)
  • Shamarpa, 7th (ye shes snying po)
  • grub mchog dbang po
  • karma bstan srung
  • sna tshogs rang grol
  • gzhan phan rdo rje
  • bstan 'dzin nor bu
  • karma rin chen
  • karma phun tshogs dbang phyug
  • karma bsam grub
  • karma bstan skyong
  • karma chos 'phags
  • grags pa dpal bzang
  • 'jig rten dbang phyug
  • rin chen snying po
  • blo gros nor 'chang
  • bstan pa rnam rgyal
  • grags pa mchog dbyangs
  • nor bu rgyan pa
  • gling dpon rgya mtsho
  • ne ring chos rje
  • 'bam chen dbon po
  • gtsang khang pa
  • tsher lung drung pa
  • karma chos skyong

Main Teachers[edit]


Writings About Karmapa, 10th[edit]